Sanctum: Movie Review

I’m not a big James Cameron fan. He did Titantic…blah blah blah…he did Avatar…blah blah blah…he did Terminator…blah blah blah. I get it, he’s brilliant. He’s created some of the most memorable characters and movies and made some great advances in film technology and I didn’t watch Sanctum because he helped produce it. I watched Sanctum because Richard Roxburgh was in it. He is such an underrated actor. I will watch Richard act his way into or out of a paperbag. I just love his presence on a screen

Anyway…this movie is good but I’m a water baby. I love all things water and though I’m not a diver or scuba person because of a panic attack I had while snorkeling, it doesn’t take much to make me wish I had better self confidence in my underwater skills to go deep water cave diving. The scenes are just beautiful and moving. There are a few “whoa, cover my eyes,” scene but it’s not graphic to be graphic.

It’s just realistic and oddly haunting.

I think Frank’s character said it best “Never give up. No matter what happens. You never, ever, give up.”

That’s what I took from the movie. “Never give up.”

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