Exist Loudly


Riley & Taylor,
It’s been a while since I’ve written you two a letter. I could make up a 101 excuses but the only one I can give you is that I’m lazy. Sometimes, I’d rather just sit on my couch, watch endless episodes of X-Files (my current old obsession) and ponder the meaning of the Universe. I’ve seen 50 episodes of X-Files so far and I’ve yet to find the meaning of the Universe. Though I do sometimes wish I had been abducted by aliens…not to be tortured and driven crazy, but to see if there is something else out there. Something bigger than what we’re suppose to be. Something extraordinary to this ordinary life we seem to live.

I want to leave you two a legacy. Something that you can look back on in your life and be proud of. I want you to be proud of me, of the life that I have lived, of what I have given to the Universe and in hopes what I have given you.

Today, I saw a post on Facebook (a social media site…will this even be around in your day and age) and it filled me with excitement yet fear. Then I thought of you two. I would tell you to take action, stick your neck out, and take a risk. You have one life and you need to live it. There will always be broken hearts and maybe bones. There will always be mistakes and good choices. There is no definite answer on which path in life you need or should take…no correct answer in which is right and which is wrong.

If you come to the crossroads in life, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and listen to that inner voice inside of your heart. Let it guide you. It may not always be right, but it will always take you down the paths you are destined to take. Each path leads you to where you’re suppose to be.