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When Life Gets Crazy, Shake It Baby

When life does get crazy, one needs to shake it off.

I have adopted a new motto “When Life Gets Crazy, Shake It Baby.” The new motto is from “Cover Girl,” by Saints of Valory. I had heard the song before but while they were sound checking for their green room is when the lyrics clicked in.

We all have moments in life where life seems to be getting the best of us. Where life seems to be kick you in the teeth and leaves you in the ditch, bloody and spiritless. It may seem hard to pick yourself up and continue on but that is just what one needs to do. You shake it off. You do whatever it takes to get yourself right.

I know when my mom passed away, I drank myself silly for 2 weeks and then once January 2nd hit, I picked myself up by the boot straps, shook the dust off, shook the smell of vodka off, and started making myself right again. It doesn’t happen over night and it will happen when one is ready to get their shit together.

Life does it crazy and we all have our own baggage that we’re trying to ditch, but just know you are not alone. We’re all out there, living, loving, laughing and shaking it with you. Some of us show it, some of us hide it.

I choose to show it and shake what my mama gave me…


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