Soul in Wanderlust

Counting Down the Days Until Key West

In “I Have Found Me a Home” by Jimmy Buffett, he sings “Yes, I have found me a home and you can have the rest of everything I own. ‘Cause I have found me a home. My old red bike, gets me around to the bars and the beaches of my town, and there aren’t many reasons I would leave. Yes, I have found me some peace.”

That is how I feel when I step into Key West. I am at home. In previous blog posts, Key West Baby & Heading to the Magic of Key West, I try to explain how I feel in Key West and I’m not sure if I quite capture it. In 7 days, I’ll be in Key West again. My now, yearly trip to what I call my mecca. The place where my soul and spirit resets itself. The place where I turn off my phone, email, and disconnect from the world. The place where I go just to be. The place where the only tough decision is what drink do I want to drink.

This year, I am driving from Charlotte to Key West. It has been something I have wanted to do since I labeled a mason jar, Key West Trip, when I was 16 years old. I’ve made the drive from Miami to Key West and have seen all the beauty of the Florida Keys, this year, I wanted to see all the beauty of A1A. Again, a trip that started out as a loaner trip, has turned into 2 Key West virgins joining me. I don’t know if Suzanne and Emily Beth will love or enjoy Key West as much as I do. They may get to the island and hate it. Key West isn’t for everyone, but Key West is for me.

The 7 days cannot pass quickly enough. I don’t know why, but I desperately need this trip to Key West. I need to find myself, my soul, and my spirit again. They have been lost for a few months and I know this trip will make it all right in my world…at least until the 2012 Key West Trip 🙂