Movie Night

Friday, I stayed to watch movies & it was the best decision ever!

This movie was fun and whimsical. I loved the nod to Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas in it as well. Johnny Depp once again nails a fine performance even though it’s only vocals.
4 stars

New York, I Love You
I wasn’t sure about this movie but it’s got an all-star cast. It is an ode to New York City…maybe even a love letter or poem to the city. It is also several tales of love. There was something about this movie that I really loved. It was shot beautifully and edited perfectly and the music was perfect. My favorite “segment” was with Shia LeBouf, Julie Christie, & John Hurt.
4 stars

My Future Boyfriend
This was an ABC Family movie and I will give anything with Barry Watson a chance. It’s also set in New Orleans. Sara Rue sparkles in this flick. It’s 100% chick flick. The movie is about an archeologist from the future traveling back to 2011. In the future there is no emotion and after reading her romance novel, he comes back to discover what love is. Barry Watson was great as a future human. This movie won’t win awards but it’s just precious.
3 stars on sheer positivity

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend
Alyssa Milano falls for two guys and must choose. Greatest acting ever. No. This is a cheesey romance flick. BUT….here’s the big BUT…it had a surprise twist I did not figure out until it unfolded right before my eyes which turned this seemingly cheesey chick flick into a 3 star movie.
3 stars

Adam & Steve
Love story between to gay men who met in the 80’s but don’t remember it 17 yrs later due to the coke binge…this story is ridiculously funny…especially the opening segment. The movie moves a bit a slow in parts but wasn’t painful. Parker Posey & Chris Katan are great scene stealers. My favorite lines out of this movie is “We’re in our 30s of course we’re damaged goods. I’m damaged goods but I’m goods none the less.”
2 star

Wedding Daze
Isla Fisher is just adorable in this movie. Jason Biggs is kindy of douchey. Biggs’ character proposes to his girlfriend, but before she can answer, she dies. He looses his shit and a year later, randomly asks Fisher’s character, a stranger, to marry him. On a whim, she says yes. Hilarity ensues. Ebon Moss-Bachrac steals every scene he’s in and is strangely hilarious!

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