Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: August 2011

Back To The Island by Jimmy Buffett
August gave me Key West. This song was my theme song from the 1st until the 9th. It describes every moment I feel when I’m in Key West and how I always feel the pull to Key West.

I Have Found Me A Home by Jimmy Buffett
The 1st time I landed in Key West, I knew and understood the meaning to this song. Sometimes you find a place or location where it feels like home. Key West feels like home.

This Is Gonna Hurt by Sixx: A.M.
Just love this song. “This is a call to arms. Your finest hour won’t be wasted. Hell is what you make make. Rise against your fate. Nothing’s gonna keep you down, even if it’s killing you because you know the truth.”

The Mission “M Is for Milla Mix”  by Puscifer
I respect Maynard James Keenen and I’m a Puscifer fan 1st and then became a Tool & A Perfect Circle Fan. This song features Milla Jovovich. It’s not her 1st time performing. Her album Divine Comedy is one of my favorites.

Some Beach by Blake Shelton
When I returned from Key West, all I wanted to do is be somewhere on a beach.

Uh Huh Huh (feat. Davis Coen) by Grace Askew
I heard this little gem on WNCW and bought the whole damn album. It is phenomenal and should be added to your collection. NOW! Self-Titled by Grace Askew & The Black Market Goods. When I listen to this album, I want to have a bottle of whiskey in my hand and a broken heart in the other with a still lit cigarette burning in an astray beside me and tear streaked mascara running down my face.

Tear It Down by Burn Halo
If you know me, you know I’m an Eighteen Visions fan or was since they are no defunct, but James Hart, the vocalist is in a new project, and this is their first single from their second album and it just rocks! Previous entries for Burn Halo can be read here and here.

You And Tequila (Featuring Grace Potter) by Kenny Chesney
I’m not sure why they say featuring Grace Potter because you really couldn’t hear her voice but at any rate. I really just love the lyrics: “‘Cause you and Tequila make me crazy. Run like poison in my blood. One more night could kill me, baby. One is one too many, one more is never enough.”

Double Trouble by Jack and White
Free song on iTunes. Pretty catchy little tune.

My Baby’s Tellin’ Lies by Keb’ Mo’
Another free song on iTunes.

Return to Me by Matthew Ryan
There’s just something haunting about this song. It reminds me of Mom & Dad now. Words she would say to him if she were alive but perhaps now a message from the other side. “I keep hopin’ for a cure, for some medicine. Just one conversation. I can’t return to you. You must return to me. That’s the deal. I’m sorry. Did i say i’m sorry (sorry).”

Stuck In A Rut by Burn Halo
Wow, what song…lyrically, I connected with this song. It described what I was feeling about my life until I went to Key West. “I know that I’m goin’ be okay. I know that there’s still hope and I’m Holding on for the moment, I’m holding on. I’m in the wrong frame of mind, I’m in the wrong place, wrong time. Stuck in the middle of a rut and I gotta find a way to get outta here.” It will also more than likely carry into September Songs of My Life as a reminder to just carry on and hold on.