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Listen To: Grace Askew & the Black Market Goods

BACKGROUND:  I stumbled onto Grace Askew & the Black Market goods on my lunch break. Though I’m a dedicated listener to the stations I work for and their music that I love, when I need a break I flip over to WNCW. I get blues, folk, oldies, jazz, random bands I’ve never heard of and bands that I do love. This is where I discovered Ms Askew’s song “Uh Huh Huh (featuring Davis Coen). I thought this song was an “oldie” from back in the day, but when I went onto iTunes looking for it, I discovered it was put out in 2011. I bought the whole CD just from that song.
WHY YOU NEED TO BE LISTENING:  I can only describe this about Grace’s music: I wish I had a bottle of whiskey in one hand, a lit & smoking cigarette in the other, and a broken heart on the floor in front of me. She has that kind of voice. Her voice moves you, is haunting, and you feel the emotion of her voice and her lyrics.

My favorite track: “I Remember”

For more on Grace Askew & the Black Market Goods visit:
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Her video for JUPE


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