On Writing

Writing: Discovering the Love Again

Many of you know that I’m a writer. Some of you may not know. I’m hoping if you’re read this blog/website that you’ve kind of put 2 and 2 together and figured I write. Sometimes I like to babble about things, sometimes I vent, sometimes I just want to share.

Mostly I love to write and I’ll write about anything & everything.

I have written stories, poems, novellas, and novels since I can remember. My mind is filled with characters and their dialogue & their stories. I invent characters and conversations when I’m sitting at the bar or while I’m people watching at a concert. My head is never quiet and I would never ask any of the characters to be quiet.

Last night, while staring at a word document and contemplating the next sentence I couldn’t squeeze out of my head, my thoughts drifted to two novels I have finished. One (The Dumbing Down of Love) was in 2009 and one (Barfly) was in January of 2010. I received over 37 rejection letters on Barfly. I lost count after that. I wasn’t discouraged or angry. With every rejection, I learned something new.

The Dumbing Down of Love never made it out of the desk drawer. It was my 4th novel that I wrote and I never had intentions of letting anyone read it, until last night. I’ve decided that starting this week, I’m going to post a chapter each day and share it with the world. It isn’t perfect. It is flawed, unedited, and full of mistakes but I just wanted to share it.

Everyone in writing or who writes says, “write what you know,” and I’ve always asked myself “what do I know and what do I want to write about.” I still don’t have an answer for that. All I know is that the most important thing I’ve learned from writing is to find my writing voice and that was reiterated to me in a direct message via Twitter from a writer I respect when I announced I’d be freelance writing on hockey for a hockey website.

I write for my own site and really don’t think many people will read it. It’s just the way my brain is wired. That self doubt that no one is listening, but even if one person reads anything I’ve written, then someone is listening.

It’s been a kind of an epiphany day for me. I will now be freelancing as a hockey writer and as a freelance writer for another site. I’m going to put The Dumbing Down of Love on my website to share, and I’m going to start writing for the love writing again.

I follow Paulo Coelho on Twitter and I am inspired daily by him and he tweeted: Find and enjoy your magic moment today. It will not be here tomorrow.
My magic moment today…remembering why I love to write even if no one is listening.