A Few Things I Need to Say Today

Just a few things I just wanted to cover today because they are 2 things close to my heart and save me from going insane and 1 is just words of wisdom or hope or inspiration…

Thank you to those that reached out to me about Chapter One aka Day One of The Dumbing Down of  Love. Your positive words mean a lot to me and I will use them as encouragement when I hit that wall that I will inevitably face when I write. Day Two coming this evening.

Many of you know my love for hockey. I will watch it in any form I can get it. Pick up, pee wee, youth, high school, college, professional. If it’s hockey, I’m watching it. Today the KHL’s Lokomotiv confirmed that the entire main roster, plus four players from the youth team, was lost team due to tragic plane crash that happened in Yaroslavl, Russia. Tragedy has struck the hockey world a lot this summer. Derek Boogaard, Rick Rypien, and Wade Belak were taken way before their time and so were the players and staff members that were taken from their family and friends today. I don’t expect a lot of people to understand my feelings for the loss of people I have never met but the world is less of a place because they are no longer in it. Someone who did nail things perfectly was Adam Proteau of The Hockey News in two separate tweets.
     “When one person in the hockey world dies too soon, we grieve for the family. On a day like today, we’re all family.”
     “On behalf of hockey: Eff you, 2011.”

Tragedy is never predictable and is always lurking around some dark corner we didn’t know existed, but tragedy though as devastating as it is and it may feel like it’s killing you, it somehow makes you stronger. So today, say to those that you love, that you love them. Say to those that inspire, thank you. Say to those that you hurt you, they are forgiven. You may not have tomorrow to do so…

Live with integrity and live with no regrets.

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