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CD Review: Up From The Ashes By Burn Halo

UP FROM THE ASHES by BURN HALO is one helluva a follow up. Sophomore slump my ass! Wow! Wow! Wow!
Track Break Down {Deluxe Edition Version} (my sole opinion of the tracks):
1. Tear It Down
If I had heard this song without knowing it was Burn Halo, I would have thought it was a new Eighteen Visions song. This song just kicks you in the balls! Great guitar & drums and a perfect lead track and a perfect first single too!

  1. Up From the Ashes
    Second song just as good as the first and you’ve got my attention. Another great rock song. About 43 seconds into the song is when the band starts to shines.

  2. Stranded
    This starts out with a little acoustic guitar but don’t be fooled. This show RAWKS! I could put this song repeat and just be content! Love the lyrics. Love the music. Love this song!

  3. Threw It All Away
    Slower song…NOT a ballad. Just not as “heavy” as the previous ones. Nice break after the first 3.

  4. Alone
    NOT a slower song…you get a breather with “Threw It All Away” and now it’s time to start rocking again!

  5. Stuck in a Rut
    Perhaps my favorite song on the CD. I love the lyrics, the music and really just connect with the song.

  6. Give Me a Sign
    Another down tempo song. All the down temp aka “slower” songs are just as rocking as the “heavier” songs

  7. Dakota
    This song starts at “slow” and you think it’s going to be down tempo, but about minute and five into it, you get punched in the face and you’ll like it.

  8. Rest My Soul
    Probably my 2nd favorite song. The guitar/bass/drum combo in the opening song hooked me and for 3 minutes * 36 seconds made me it’s bitch. The lyrics are great too.

  9. I Won’t Back Down
    This song makes me want to destroy things, drive fast, and scream the chorus “I won’t back down. Tonight, I’ll take what’s mine. I won’t back down. Revenge is what I’ll find. Now I’ve got you where I want you. Think it’s time we made our move. So you better think it through ‘cos you know I won’t back down.”

  10. Shine
    Another drive fast take chances type song.

  11. We Won’t Live Forever (Bonus Track)
    Don’t know why this didn’t make the CD because it freakin’ rocks!

  12. Get it On (Bonus Track)
    Same as above…I get digital downloads sometimes get bonus songs, but this would have been worthy on the CD too

  13. Tear It Down (Radio Edit)
    Radio edit of the album version.

Watch “Tear It Down”

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