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Revisiting the Spending Fast

I gotta HUGE trip coming…HUGE as I’m going to another continent for 21 days. So I’m trying to pay off debt, pay what I need to live on, and save at the same time. Which made me realize, I need to revisit the Spending Fast I did in June.

So here I am, once again baring all, wishing to win the lottery and so on but in reality, I need to become a recluse until December. No more going out to dinners/lunches. No more movies. No more spending money. I will only buy the necessities of life & my only splurge is money for the light rail to & from the hockey games. Though, I’m thinking the walk wouldn’t kill me and I’d get exercise…so I’m about 90% convinced that I don’t even need to take the light rail Uptown.

I said before, this sacrifice is worth making and taking. I’m working on making a dream come a reality. In December, I’m going to Australia. I’ll be going with a few $20s in my pocket but hopefully it will be at least a paycheck or two.

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