Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life – September 2011

Stuck in a Rut by Burn Halo
This song is a carry over from August. I am still loving the lyrics “I know that I’m going to be okay. I know there’s still hope.”

Leave the Light On by Beth Hart
I have been a Beth fan ever since I heard “L.A. Song.” She’s got a voice that is full of raw emotion and I was fortunate enough to see her live once and she is amazing.
This song popped up in iTunes and it was exactly how I was feeling that day. (You can read the inspired post that followed listening to this song.) “I wanna love. I wanna live. I don’t know much about it. I about it. I never did…and lucky stars and fairy tales, I’m gonna bathe myself in an ocean well…Wish that moon would follow me home.”

I Remember by Grace Askew & the Black Market Goods
Grace has a voice like Beth’s…raw emotion. Grace’s voice is more bottle of wine and cigarettes where Beth is more bottle of whiskey and cigarettes. There is something about this song that I just love. That admission of being alone and being okay with it yet not wanting to be alone. Remembering and loving the memories. Just beautiful and haunting.

Climbing the Walls by Stir
Another iTunes on shuffle surprise, but the moment it popped up, a flood of memories of how this song with a few others probably saved my life. Lyrically, this song expressed everything I had once felt when I was younger.  “I don’t know if I can make it through the night. We all want to live forever. We all want to be something someday.”

Threw It All Away by Burn Halo
Lyrically, just love this song. “But I know I have wronged so many rights. Come close and you’ll see that I fight to seek redemption. All the wounds heal but I know it will take time.”

Soulshaper (Come With Me) by Juke Kartel
Never in a million years did I think I would be able to see this band live but they showed up at the station to play acoustic for one of my sister stations and they were fantastic. This song is their new single and as Toby described what the song was about, it just touched me. Again, another lyrical connection. “Heartbreaks repair with beating. Soulshaping times of healing…out of the dark I’m feeling you more. I’ll help you breathe again…love with love.”

Slow Burning Cigarette by David McMillin
David is the male version of raw emotion. If Grace is a bottle of wine and Beth is a bottle of whiskey, then David would be a single malt scotch from the oldest distillery in Scotland.
I love the way David’s words paint a picture. “There’s an angel on 8th Avenue with mistakes in her vein.” In my head, I see the angel he’s talking about and I see her story…her life.
To me, the lyrics “I’d trade home for heartache…this road never gave a damn for me and I’ve known it all along…I want to fall like the rain that echoes with words unspoken…love was not meant to be burned away…forgiveness takes a lifetime to learn…love is a gambler’s game but I ain’t gonna fold my hand,” speak of a man who has loved and lost and still believes in love.

Take Another Road by Jimmy Buffett
So many nights as a teenage girl, I use to dream (and still do) of running away just like Jimmy sings in this song.
“Take another road to a hiding place. Disappear without a trace. Take another road in another time on another road in another time. Like a novel from the five and dime. Take another road another time…Never look back, this is my plan…leave my cares behind. Take my own sweet time, ocean’s on my mind.”

Providence by Matthew Ryan
Another raw emotion of a voice. Matthew’s voice would also be a bottle of whiskey. Heartfelt, soulful, and pure emotion. I just love the emotion and Matthew’s voice in this song. “All I have, all I need, all you’ve got is providence.”