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CD Review: Really? By The Hundred Days

I’ve written about The Hundred Days before. I was obsessed and I do mean obsessed with their single “Sex U.” I’m pretty sure I drove my co-workers insane by putting it on repeat for days on end.
Really? was released in August, but I didn’t want to immediately post a review on it. I was so excited that the CD was coming out that I knew I would love every song on it and probably couldn’t give an unbiased opinion on it and I wanted to spend some time getting to know the songs.
Track Break Down and my opinon on the song:
1. Girl at a Party
     There is something about Jonathan Smith’s vocals in this song. It reminds me an 80’s vocalist who’s name I cannot remember from a band I cannot remember but his voice brings me back to when music was fun. This song is fun. I just want to dance around and sing this song at the top of my lungs. It also makes a helluva an earworm.
2. Tattoo Girl
     Another fun song. If you’re not toe tapping or fighting the urge to dance in your office/cube/car while listening to this song, then something is seriously wrong with your fun side. I, in fact, think that you should turn this song up and let your fun side free. The only thing you might regret is dancing like a fool.
3. Sex U
     Normally, the first thing I notice about a song is the bass and/or drums. Then the vocals and music and lyrics. This song had me hooked at the beginning with the bass and drums. INFECTIOUS. I personally cannot get enough of this song. It’s catchy. It’s rocking and it’s my favorite song on the CD. If you don’t love it, we need to speak about cleaning out your ear canals. The spoken part of the song reminds me of David Byrne of the Talking Heads in “Once in a Lifetime.”
4. Out of Nowhere
     Boy meets girl song perhaps? I like way the lyrics unfold into a story.
5. The Hundred Days
     I hope the band nor anyone else cringes but the first 5 seconds take me back to the disco era though I wasn’t old enough for disco, it’s just immediately throws me back to that era of music and the chorus brings me to the 80s. If I posted about this song on Twitter I would tag it with #RockDancePartySong, because rock songs can make you feel like dancing and feel like partying without having to be too rock or too hard.
6. Disaster
    Slower song (NOT A BALLAD…just a slower tempo). It’s much needed if you’re listening to this CD from beginning to end. If not, your legs would give out for shaking your booty too much.
7. Silver and Gold
     I really dig the guitar & bass in this song. It stood out to me so much that it took me a while to actually “hear” the rest of the song.
8. So What
     My 2nd favorite song on the CD. Fun. Fun. Fun. I love the bass. I love the lyrics. I love this song.
9. Hey
     “Hey, aren’t you a handful…hey kiddo, I want to fight for you.” Dig this song.
10. Spin
     Love the lyric, “We dance all night to bad rock and roll.” Please note, this CD is not bad rock and roll but it’s rock and roll you can dance too.
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Video for “Sex U” WATCH IT, IT’S FUN!

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