The Dumbing Down of Love

The Dumbing Down of Love: The Playlist

Part of my writing muse is music. This is the soundtrack to The Dumbing Down of Love.

And Never Look Back by Matthew Ryan
The lyric “I lean in for, to give her a kiss. I spilt her drink, I burnt her wrist with my cigarette. I’m clumsy when I get close” painted such a scene in my head that I wanted to write it into the story, but never did.

The Dumbing Down of Love by Frou Frou
This song gave me the title of the novel.

Save Your Best for Last by Steve Reynolds
I could just picture Gray saying, “Save your best for me,” to Olivia

Walk to the Water by U2
The lyrics paint such a mental picture. I pictured Olivia and Gray having the conversation in this song and it is one of my favorite U2 songs.

Hawkmoon 269 by U2
Just love this song. It just stood out to me for some reason.

The Night Starts Here by Stars
I don’t know how I discovered this song, but it fits Olivia and Gray. It seemed to sing about everything one would go through. It’s also just a damn good song. Besides you can’t go wrong with the lyrics, “Forget your name. Forget your fear, the night starts here.”

Come Together by Donavon Frankenreiter
Lyrically, this conversation could be the conversation anyone in love will have. It’s the realization of you might have just found the one.

Reaching by Jason Reeves
When I heard this song, I felt it was written for Gray and how he had watched Olivia from the edge of her circle and how he longed for more but never reached a bit further for her.

Love is Real by Jason Mraz (This is from Jason’s EP “The E Minor EP in F”)
I love the lyrics “Love is real, it is not just in novels or the movies. It is fact and it is standing here right in front of you…You can feel all the knots in your stomach they start to untie and suddenly it’s not so hard to say you’re all right.” If Gray was a singer, he would have sang this song to Olivia.

I Believe in Love by The Storys
Another, I don’t know how I discovered this song, but I’m glad I did. It inspired me to let Gray and Olivia believe in love. Not all love is doom and gloom, most is good. It’s what my parents have, my grandparents have, and what most of the relationships I look up to have.

Closing in by Matthew Ryan
I have always loved this song. Like the song says, “Step by step now, day by day, from where you’ve been…Don’t be afraid to fall through deep space. Don’t be afraid to disappear without a trace.” It’s just a great song that I found haunting and emotional.

All the Ways I Want You by Jimmy Buffett
A simple “love” ballad by Jimmy. “Hard to believe it’s happening, but my whole world’s shruken to. All the ways I want you.”

I Don’t Know by Lisa Hannigan
This is inspired the Olivia and Gray, “I don’t know talk after their short lived separation.” I love the way Lisa just asks what “you like” and says “what she likes.” It’s what we all want to know but are often too scared to ask. Sometimes, I just think that one must have the motto, “I would want to, I am game,” and take that step to get to know someone.