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CD Review: Billy Jack By Honeyhoney

honeyhoney is one of those bands that you just find yourself falling in love with ESPECIALLY when you see them live. The banter between Suzanne and Ben is infectious and you want to sit a bar with them and share stories over many bottles of whiskey and hope that they will be kind enough to break out the guitar and banjo and sing a few songs for you.

I was very fortunate to have a record label rep introduce me the musical stylings of honeyhoney on their first release and I’ve been a fan of their music ever since. Suzanne’s voice is haunting, bluesy, and crawls under your skin and stays there. The chemistry between Suzanne and Ben comes through their music. Sheer electricity.
1) Angel of Death
When I listen to it, I hear the story of a girl that is obsessed. Her love will be the death of whomever she loves. It’s musically a haunting song.
2) Glad I’ve Done What I Did
This song paints such a vivid picture with the opeing lyric “I was born with blue skin…tied in knots that I’m still in. When the doctor cut me free, man he made an enemy out of me. I should have stayed, crawled back in and hid, but I’m glad I done what I did.”  In my opinion, a song about no regrets.
3) Ohio
Might have been about Ohio, but it could be about anytown anywhere. I love the chorus to this song. One of my favorite songs on the CD
4) Don’t Know How
For lack of better words, I find this song really pretty and a song about letting go.
5) Turn That Finger Around
I will play this song for my nieces when they are older and hope they get the message that I got: your actions are your own. Before you blame others, maybe you should look at yourself first.
6) I Don’t Mind
This song is a toe tapping song and if you don’t want to shake your bootie to it then, seriously, something is wrong with you. My 2nd favorite song.
7) Old School Friends
The song title says it all…a song about the old school friends you let go, outgrow, or just let slide away.
8) Let’s Get Wrecked
My favorite song on this CD. A song about grown up love and how hard it is.
9) LA River
I find this song to be just sad…there is nothing on that screams sad, but it just makes me homesick.
10) All On You
This song makes me realize that sometimes the work you do isn’t enough and that sometimes the person you’re in a relationship or friendship with must also work to meet you half way.
11) Thin Line
“I want whiskey when I’m sick and a man when I’m well, but it’s nice to have them both when I want to raise some hell.” This song is sort of how I live my life.
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