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Vegetarian to Non Vegetarian

I’ve been a vegetarian for some time. I’m not overly strict on myself anymore. If I’m dining with friends and I can’t find an option that includes no meat whatsoever, I’ll eat fish. I’m a vegetarian with pescatarian lean if needed. I rather like being a vegetarian and there are some great recipes I use, but I’m going to Australia in December and I don’t want to limit myself to just a vegetarian and seafood diet. Everyone asks if I want to try kangaroo, and I picture this cute furry critter and cringe, but I’ve also decided to go into the mindset of “don’t ask, don’t tell me what’s in it” mentality.

When I traveled to New Orleans for the 1st time, I was a hardcore vegetarian until that trip. On that trip, there was no way in hell I was going to give up trying the amazing local food like gumbo, creole, crawfish, etc. It may have been a once in the life time opportunity for me to try the food. I feel the same way about Australia.

I can’t travel around the globe and not try anything. If the local favorite is a kangaroo steak and a glass of regional wine, then by god, I’m trying it. I might fall in love with the meal or I just might think it’s okay. I at least tried it before I said I hated it.

Having said that, Sunday & today, I incorporated meat into my diet. Sunday, I had several shredded prosciutto on goat cheese crostini and today, I had one steamed pork dumpling. Not exactly a lot of dead animal but it’s more than I normally eat and I’m having to make a mental note not to over think it. For me, the biggest issue will be the mind game I play with myself…the you’re going to feel sick if you eat this.

Another reason, I want to start incorporating meat into my diet, is that something is off within my body. I know that I am not currently getting all the vitamins I need and the vegan ones I take cause so much discomfort in my chest I feel like I’m having a heart attack (I’m assuming it would feel like what I’m feeling).

So I’m a new dietary adventure now…we’ll see how it goes…I’ll keep the blog updated with my journey and we’ll see how it goes….

Listening to “I’m Not Worried About It” by Gareth Asher

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