I Don’t Want to be a Non Vegetarian

As I sat and waited for warm ups to start at the Charlotte Checkers game on Sunday, I realize how much I enjoyed a non animal diet.

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve slowly added meat back into my diet and I hate it. I wanted to prepare my body for my trip to Australia, but after this week, I believe, I’m just going to go back to a 90% vegetarian diet. I’ll eat seafood on occasion and maybe one day a week until after Australia, I’ll have a meat product in my meal.

Reasons: I hate the way my body feels after eating a burger, chicken, etc. It completely shuts down and I’m tired all the time. I feel heavier, bloated, and just feel all around bad.  I might have missed the flavors of a good Southern BBQ plate, but the taste does not make feeling like a sack of crap worth eating meat.

So, I’m back to being a mostly vegetarian until 2012.