40 Days To Go

Holy cow…

40 days to go…

Holy cow.

And it really does just seem like yesterday that I was daydreaming and talking about my plans to go to Australia and NOW it’s just a mere 40 days away.

I still can’t believe it’s going to be finally happening. Suzanne and Heather are in their stages of preparing/planning mode and freaking out mode. I have already been through where they are currently at. I can’t prepare/plan/freak out anymore.

There is no going back. In 40 days, I’m boarding a Delta flight to Sydney, Australia. I’ve worried about the money, the places to stay, the getting to point A to point B, the what if scenarios, and made up enough crazy ideas to scare Wes Craven into romantic comedies.

I now know, that whatever will happen, will happen. Whatever does happen good or bad is suppose to happen. It will make me stronger and a better person. The lessons I learn while in Australia for 21 days will never be forgotten but more importantly, the journey I’m about to embark on will change my life forever.

It’s a journey I’m ready to take.

Australia. Let’s. Do. This.
~Shelia aka Star Gazer