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Getting it Right

My friendship with Gareth Asher started when his band Illbreak played Weenie Roast 10 on September 11, 2005 and was sealed over a Click-It-Sharpie.

6 years later, we are still friends and I am always amazed by Gareth. His music and lyrics are soulful, beautiful, and amazing. There are songs that are haunting and reflective, songs of love that is lost, and songs that just remind one to not worry. His wise soul and spirit is such a beauty to have on this earth. I’m honored to know him and to support him.

I’ve seen Gareth live more times than I can count on two hands and each show is always more brilliant than the last and I always enjoy discovering what cover he’s going to do next which is often better than the original.

His last album Between the Smiles and the Tears and last EP Love Will Come to You in Return helped heal my heart and soul when my mother died in 2009. The songs just reminded me to take a deep breath and just put one foot forward.

Below is a reissue of his song “Can We Get it Right” from Between the Smiles and the Tears. I thought the song was damn near perfect, but as only Gareth can do, he topped himself and made the song even more brilliant than before.

So watch the video and really listen to the lyrics. Together, we CAN GET IT RIGHT

Gareth – thank you for your wonderful music. The world is a better place because you make others want to do better things!