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Caleb, Me, Jennifer, Melinda, Stephanie – Nov 2011
Jennifer, Caleb, Stephanie, Melinda – How I will always remember them

I have watched these kids, who are no longer kids, grow up. I was even in the room when Caleb was born. My mom, holding his mom’s hand while his father beamed a smile that could be seen across the Universe. These 4 meant the world to my mom and they mean the world to me and there is not a night that doesn’t go by that I don’t pray for them to be happy, healthy, and always smiling. I am so proud of who they are growing into and who they have become. Their presence on earth was a gift. Their presence in my life is an honor. They will forever be part of my family.

Caleb, Melinda, Stephanie, Jennifer (youngest to oldest): I love you all and I’m always a phone call away.


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