Note from the Universe

I started getting these “Notes From the Universe” emails after my friend Nikki sent me the link and today’s message was one of those “needed to hear” emails.

And yes, they could have just sent out one giant mass email to everyone in their database, but when I opened it, I was reminded me of my dear friend Rob’s advice as well.

Whether you see it, feel it, or know it, Shelia, right now you’re being provided for.
And you always will be.
Get it?
The Universe

I’m leaving to go across the world in 8 days to Australia. I have planned this trip and budgeted and planned and re-budgeted. My biggest fear of this trip isn’t a broken bone from abseiling down a mountain, a whack in the head with a surf board, or even food poisoning from trying some exotic local cuisine.

My biggest fear is money. Money is tight for all of us going. We busted our asses to get this trip paid for and to go, but I have this gnawing feeling in my gut that I didn’t plan enough and that I didn’t save enough. The feeling started last week and it’s grown bigger and bigger as each day draws closer to me hopping on a plane.

Minus robbing a bank or scoring a winning lottery ticket, there is nothing I can do to make this feeling go away.

As the feeling grew and still grows, I think back to my friend Rob who traveled to Spain and he said to me “It’ll work out. I’ve always been taken care of when I followed the “pull”. You know? Congrats on taking the leap.” It doesn’t take that worry out of me because I am a worrier, but it made my head calm down a bit and then this morning, I got that email with the words: “Whether you see it, feel it, or know it, Shelia, right now you’re being provided for. And you always will be. Get it? The Universe”

I am taking a leap. A leap of faith into the Universe that I will somehow make it back to from Australia with at least $20 in pocket and rent money for January. I don’t have as much as I should have saved up, but I’ll just sacrifice sky diving for watching the Southern Cross dance across the sky. I’ll somehow make do. I might go into a bit more debt in January than I should be in and I might even miss paying a bill or two, but I’m trying not to let myself freak out about it.


  1. We may all be poor as shit and eating ramen noodles every fucking night, BUT it will be the best 21 days ever. Plus I owe you a birthday dinner and a drink or 10. Party.

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