Why Australia?

I get that question a lot?

Why do you want to go to Australia?

My first response in my head is, “Why the hell not?”

Then followed by my real answer, “I’ve been dreaming about this trip since I was 18 yrs old. I’ve always said, I’ll do it when, and in January of 2011, I said fuck it. When is now.”

Why, when I was 18, did I start dreaming about Australia? I have no clue. Maybe it was brochure in the mail or a line in a song.

That’s I found Key West. From a Jimmy Buffett song. The moment I stepped off the airplane in Key West, I knew my soul was at home. I was, 25 yrs old and by myself. I had decided I was FINALLY going to take the trip I wanted to take and do what I wanted to do. I put the entire trip on my credit card and stayed a week in Key West. Trip cost me a stupid fortune too but was worth every penny. It is still one of my best trips ever. My soul was reset. When I need that, I make my trip to Key West. I do that now, at least once a year.

So why Australia.
To be honest, I don’t know. I know what everyone else knows. Other side of the world, boomerangs, kangaroos, koalas, great surf, Ayers Rock, aborigines, and that there is so much more out there that I don’t know about Australia.
I know for sure, I never knew what a “songline” was until I heard or read that lyric in either a Jimmy Buffett song or novel.
Maybe that planted the Australia seed into my head.
All I know, is that I desperately need this trip. It is a trip my soul has longed for. I need to cleanse my soul, find myself, and empty my brain.

When I come back in 2012, I want a new found focus on me: taking care of myself mentally, physically, and emotionally, erasing my credit card debt, paying off my car and the loan I took out for this trip, saving money to travel more, squeezing more hockey and music into my life and writing at least three novels. The last four (traveling, hockey, music, writing) make me happy. I need to do what makes me happy. Those four things keep me sane in this crazy world.

This trip, like Key West, is a not only resetting of my soul but a restarting of my life.

Dear Life, you’re about to get a kickstart in the heart! Love, Me