Landed in ATL

Statement of the day/hour/moment…”I gotta pee.”

We got thru security but all of our ETAs had problems. Suzanne & Heather @ check in mine at the boarding gate. But we all passed security and we are all on board the flight to ATL.

Heather is in 17C
I’m in 18D
Suzanne is in 20E.

I can hear Suzanne chatting it up to a nice fellow. My passenger is passes out in the seat next to me, and Heathetr is on her Nook.

We had drinks at ChilisToGo from the superbly awesome Jeff. We may or may not have reached a little buzz…

One bathroom works on this flight…slamming down drinks and shots might not have been so smart but guess what…NONE OF CARE!

We’re in ATL…next stop…LAX

Boomerang Babes


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