Soul in Wanderlust

Somewhere Over an Ocean

Time: 3:45 am SYD 12.15 | 8:45 am LA 12.14
Altitude: 33999 ft

1st pardon typos. 2nd pardon any mispellings.

I’m on a plane with 5 1/2 hours of flight time left, but by the time this posts it will be after we land in Sydney.

The group is doing well. We’ve slept, ate, seat dance party, silently lip synced our favorite songs, laughed, and met Aussies.

First impression: great people.

I can’t wait til we land. Not so much because we’ll be there but because my butt is numb.

But when they do announce, Welcome to Sydney, the current time is…a big part of me will be jumping for joy.
Heather & Suzanne are being Sleeping Beauties