Closer to the Edge

Celebrating Lek

It’s 12:55 pm here in the US.

I am 15 hours ahead in Australia.

By the time this actually posts, I will have already celebrated Lek…my mom…in Australia. Hopefully, it will have gone as planned. Watch the sunrise over Bondi. I won’t actually know since I’m writing this post before I head to Australia.

Today though, no matter, where I am or what has or will happen I know this.

December 17, 2009 @ 1:55 pm, my life forever changed when our “Crazy Little Thai Woman” joined the heavens.

Mama, I wish you were here on earth so you could see and hear this dream of going to Australia coming true. You were always so supportive and you always believed in my far fetched and crazy ass dreams. You might have rolled your eyes at me and cocked your head to the side with a smile, but you would always say, “If you believe in it, then you can do it.”

I’m finally making Australia come true. This dream and this wish is for you too. I know you’re with me right now. I know you’re guiding me on my Australia journey. I love you Mama.

Lek Taylor

This song was playing when my Mom went into the hospital and when she passed away. It got me through some of my toughest times.