Chasing Waterfalls

Date in AUS: 12.19
Time: 7:08p

Today instead of going to Coffs Harbour we hit Waterfall Way to go see the Dorrigo National Park with a detour via Scenic Route 16.

We hiked over 9km in 3 hours. My legs are killing me and if I don’t come back with the most cock diesel ass and legs I’m gonna be upset. I’ve never put my legs thru this much work in 5 days.

That is one thing I’m living about AUS, walking around and exploring. The 3 of us are covered in bug spray, dirt, grim and filth from our outdoor adventure thru the forest to see waterfalls.

We did pick up a new friend for a while. His name was Stan and he hung out with us for lunch then flew away after his feel of bread scraps. (if you haven’t figured it out, Stan is a bird)

Now we are heading to Coffs. We want to find a campsite and settle down for the night.

Until next time…