Dorrigo National Park on the Waterfall Way

After a quick scenic detour thru Heads Way & Uranga, we arrive at Dorrigo National Park. The sky walk was a bit of a let down since we imagined it was going to be like Grandfather Mountain’s Mike High Swinging Bridge but it wasnt.

We didnt ponder on that too long because after we walked the path to Crystal Shower Falls. As we walked we had the animal sounds to keep us company. When we reach the waterfall we walk over a proper bridge and underneath the waterfall. Mother Nature at her finest.

We & Gordon the CV head to Never Never Picnic area and hike to see Coachwood Falls. This was also a proper hike. One filled with spider webs, Suz tripping, Heather busting her but on a slippery rock, and some sort of “leech/fluke” worm hiding in my shoe. Once we hike to the falls we hike back to the van…check ourselves for critters and headback on the road.

We keep telling each other the pictures we are taking just arent doing Australia justice and in all honesty they are not. The giant tree we are standing in front of will look just like a giant tree but in reality its over 1000 years old. Justice not served.

Next stop Coffs Harbour…for real this time.