End of Dec 18th

We reached Port Macquarie, a tourist/retirement town. Stores close @ 4 or 5. We got there at 530.

We do walk around and take in the pier and water and watched the sunset. Afterwards we spend about 30 mins looking for somewhere to rest our heads. The places in the tourist guide are closed so we said screw it and hit the road and find a camping/camper site. It cost us $30 total but we had hook ups for power and there was a shower and toliets. After so testing of switches, we realize we have everything right and lights out. In the middle of the night, we all 3 wake up at the same time. The temp in the van had dropped from 70ish to damn near freezing. Windows closed, blankets out, back to sleep.

I dont know how Heather and Suzanne slept thru this but there was some sort of creature making the funniest bird calling/monkey noise. I stayed up laughing at the sound for a while.

We wake up to an amazing view and start our day and have a mild freak out thinking we killed the battery. We didnt but some how knocked the car out of gear. The 2 men we asked for jumper cables had to think the 3 American broads were the dumbest people on the planet.

We’re on the road now and heading to Coffs Harbour. Suz is at the wheel. Heather is her copilot today. Im enjoying the ride from the back.

Dead kangaroo or wallaby count: 2
We didnt ki them we just saw them dead on the road.