On the Road: Day One

Date: 12.18 AUS
Current time: 3:40p

We are somewhere on Pacific Highway near Taree.

We loaded our gear into our campervan that we have named Gordon or Smelly Ass Gordon. Why smelly? The CV (short for campervan because it’s too long to type) smells like stale fish…as if some cooked fish and the scent lingered.

After a quick lets get lost leaving Bondi, we set out on our trip. We know we want to hit Coffs Harbour and head that way. We make a small photo stop at Lake Macquarie. Sailboats dot the lake and birds are searching for food. It’s quiet peaceful and beautiful.

We check on Ed (see Facebook for photo), our new travel buddy. He’s still hanging on for dear life. If anyone knows what type of bug he is, leave in the comment box below.

Continuing on we of course get lost again…Australian street signs are not easy to read but we finally figure out their system and get back on track. Suzanne is driving great except for that time we turned down a residential street and shes on the wrong (right) side.

The wind is crazy on the drive. Its gently rocking the CV back and forth…so much so that Heather is asleep.