Soul in Wanderlust

Some Beach Some Where

Date: Dec 21st AUS @ 12:22p

I’m currently worshipping the sun on a beach somewhere in Coffs Harbour. The wind is keeping it from being so blazing hot but it is also kicking the sand around. Heather & Suz have left for less sandier conditions…the campground pool. They said they didn’t like the sand but I told them that is part of coming to the beach.

It’s a quiet beach with only a handful of families and a few non families. Very relaxing after 3 days of go go go.

Yesterday was “tourist” day. We went to Pet Porpoise Pool and got seal kisses and fed a seal and a blue penguins. We also got to pet a porpoise and a crocodile. Afterwards we took Gordon to The Big Banana and went ice skating, tobogganing, climbed the skywalk.

Suz left the lights on in Gordon and after buying a battery starting kit we were assisted by a very nice AUS who helped us find the stupid battery and engine…under the drivers seat for future reference.

I did find a super cute top to where for New Years Day Day. (US east coast friends & fam…we’ll be celebrating your NYE on Day Day here!)

Tomorrow we will be heading to Byron Bay and hopefully be in Brisbane by 12.23. Around the 25/26th we will head back to Sydney.