Barfly: Chapter Eleven

Standing in Stellan’s living room, I stared at the picture of his parents holding a baby.  I assumed it was him as a baby.  They were looking down with love and the baby was fast a sleep in the mother’s arms.  It was the kind of picture that captured the true moment of love between parents and their newborn son.  The picture next to it was a picture of Stellan and his two brothers.  They all shared the same smiles and bright eyes.  It too was a picture that caught the love that only brothers could share.
“What are you looking at?” he asked, sliding his arms around my waist and kissing my neck.
“You’re pictures,” I answered.  “They’re very beautiful.  They capture the love of your family on celluloid.”
“Doesn’t that mean caught on film?” he asked, spinning me around to face him.
I nodded, putting my hands on his chest and smoothing out his shirt.  “Capturing the love of your family on negatives just didn’t sound as great.”
“Using your creative license?”
I nodded.  “It’s what us writers do.”
“I’m sorry I made plans for today.  I would rather stay locked up in my house with you.”
I smiled at him.  “It’s okay,” I replied.  “Besides, Scott is not a fan of me so go do whatever you guys do on Saturdays and have fun.”
“What will you do today?”
“I’ll write and ice down my lower half.”  I put my head against his chest and sighed.  “You know for once, I’d like to not say something mortifying in front of you.”
“That’s not mortifying.  It’s kind of hot really.”
I looked up at him in disbelief.
“Maybe I can come over after hanging with the guys and help you ice things down.”
“You mean melt down.”
This time he blushed and shrugged his shoulders with a sly grin.  “So you’re not going to let me come over?”
“Call me,” I answered with a sly grin of my own.  Of course I was going to let him come over.  If the sex was going to be as mind blowing as it had been the night before, I was ready for it no matter how much pain my vagina was feeling.
“I’ll walk out with you.”
Stellan carried my jacket and purse to my car for me and even put them in the backseat for me.  He was still a gentleman even after he had gotten into my pants and inside I was flipping out over it.  “I had a great time last night, but I don’t need to tell you that do I?”
“I think you did not once or twice but like five times,” he said, pushing me against the driver’s side of the car.
Heat raced to my face.  “You matched me so I think we’re even.”
He nodded and leaned in with a kiss.
As we stood out in his driveway in a heavy kiss, I realized that it was going to be hard to stay fully clothed every time he touched me or kissed me.  All I wanted to do was to be naked with our arms and legs wrapped around each other in a tangled mess.  I reluctantly put my hands on his chest and pushed him away.  “If you want to make it to the boys, then you’re going to have let me get in my car and drive away.”
“I’m not sure what time I’ll call,” he said, opening my car door.  “Five or six probably.”
“Whenever is fine,” I replied.  “Have fun today.”
“I believe I’ll be distracted with visions of you and a bag of frozen peas.”
I laughed out loud.  “I hate peas.”
“I use to as well until you put a vision in my head.”

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