Soul in Wanderlust


This is the view I ended 2011 with and this is the view I started 2012 with.

I would not have changed a thing in 2011. If I did, I would not have ended up in Australia meeting who I did and hanging out with who I did.

Life puts you in the path with the people you’re suppose to meet and on the path of people who you are suppose to experience things with. It might not always be good and it isn’t always bad but you were meant to experience them a certain way…

Australia has been everything I wanted and I have felt my mom with me along the way. She has guided me every step of the way and as I sit in Bondi and watch the sunset on the 1st true day of 2012, I know this is where I’m suppose to be.

I don’t need anyone’s validation or anyone’s acceptance. I don’t need anyone to tell me I am right or I am wrong. I look out at the setting sun and mother ocean and know that I belong.

That is what is amazing about life. That is what we should all know and see. Life isn’t just being lucky…life is knowing you’re lucky and appreciating it.

I appreciate it all…