Soul in Wanderlust

Strangers to Friends in Australia

This is just a shout out to all the wonderful people I met on this journey.

  • ECU on flight to Australia: Never really found out his name and only called him ECU from his shirt but he was Australian and talked to us about the flight, things to do, things not to do, and how to enjoy our time.

  • Jay @ 34 Degrees in Bondi: your smile and sparkle in your eye on our 1st day set the tone for the people we met along the way. You are absolutely the best! Hope the waves are always good to you.

  • Stu, Duncan, Claire & her husband in Bondi: thank you Brits & Irishman for getting us hammered on our last night, for showing us the darkest damn club in Bondi, and for partying with us.

  • Leo from Utah in Coffs Harbour: our 1st fellow American! Thanks for the laughter and toboggan rides.

  • Ben & Ella in Coffs Harbour: father and daughter duo of awesome. Ben thank you for your advice on Byron Bay and the offer to help us if we needed anything. You’re right…Byron Bay was the ducks guts. Ella thank you for our very first Xmas wishes. I hope you got everything you wanted from Santa.

  • Frank from Amsterdam in Coffs Harbour: thank you for lessons in Dutch and stupid card drinking games

  • Ben @ Aquarius Backpackers in Byron Bay: thank you for chilling our tequila shots and putting up with our questions after a long drive.

  • Scott in Byron Bay: thank you for being the 1st Aussie to make fun of my name. Toohey’s on me anytime mate.

  • Robbie, Josko, & Clancy in Byron Bay: thank you fellas for going on our pub crawl with us. Also Robbie, thanks for the song “Don’t Tip” and by the way it’s Orion’s Belt not a tea cup.

  • John, Lourcan, James in Byron Bay: to our Xmas Day drinking partners in crime. What can I say about you 3 Irishmen transplanted into Australia? Other than you guys were fantastic! We shared champagne at the end of the line and who knew that would lead to an all day drinking Xmas Day extravaganza with boogie boarding and beach time! May your future travels be fun filled and safe. Also, glad the jump box worked out for you guys.

  • Additional shout to John: thank you for the great conversations. Was sad to have the night end. Could have listened to you talk well into the morning sun.

  • Guy from Caringbah at Gettaway Car Rental: thank you for your courtesy and giving us a lift to the train station. Chivalry at its best sir!

  • Carlos from NYC in Bondi @ the Bucket List: American #2 who sang take your shirt off twist it around your head, spin it like a helicopter…at least you knew where NC was on a map!

  • Shaun from Pub Metro in Sydney: I hope that you and your brother get to enjoy your country as my friends and I did. And thank you for playing our silly “guess the bartender’s age” game.

  • Scottish Stag Party @ Pub Metro in Sydney: Lord you guys were funny. Just note for future reference that NC accents do not sound like Boston or NY accents.

  • Reidy in Bondi: so glad to finally meet you in person. Thank you for your suggestions on things to do. Continue to tweet about “naked” cartwheels and posting amazing photos. Glad you got to finally see the Foo Fighters too! You will always have someone to buy you a beer here in the States or when I return to Australia. I also hope you get the dog.

  • Troy & Maxi in Bondi: great talking to you fellas and to see that you guys always had one eye on the beach even though you were off of work. Props to you guys!

  • Hoppo & Stacey in Bondi: Great to meet you both. Sorry we crashed your after work drinks.

  • The Melbourne Girls – Kate, Leah, Tess, Tamie, Lisa (please forgive me for leaving anyone out, I killed that brain cell on NYE): so great to meet all of you. You will also have friends in the States should you visit. Thank you for celebrating New Years Day Day with us! Wish only the best for you girls!

  • Nick from Maleny: we actually didn’t get to meet but you were a very important part of our journey with all your Twitter and email suggestions. We owe you when you hit the States and I will make sure that the kindness and thoughtfulness you showed us is returned. I can’t thank you enough for everything! Can’t wait to hear the new stuff!! And I still want to send you something as a token of our thanks!