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01.05.12 – Song of the Day: “A New Beginning” by 26

For some reason, today, I felt like I should I start posting a song a day. A song that inspires me or motivates me. A song that gets me through the day or that I just like.

When I heard this song today, I thought it was appropriate for what I was feeling at the exact moment it was on. It just amplified my feelings and I ended up listening to the album twice. A sign of a good album is when you can listen to it over and over again without once reaching up to change any song or the album itself.

I discovered 26, when a writer I follow on Twitter, posted the video for this song on Twitter. I watched and listened and fell in love with the song, and then turned around and bought every CD from the band.

Yep, I thought they were that good.

So to kick off the song of the day, I give you “A New Beginning” by 26.

This song is where I feel I am at in my life…I am at a new beginning…a new journey mentally, physically, and emotionally.

These lyrics sum up my feelings: “We’re all a little insane. I’d love to say I’m sorry. I’d love to say I’m wrong…I wished upon the stars, that filled the sky but they were only satellites…”

26: website | Twitter | Facebook | You Tube

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