Daydream Believer

As I was returning from my walk with Nick, a fabulous fellow asked me as he passed me, “Do you know dreams last for so long even after you’re gone?”

I thought a moment and then answered, “Yes.”

I then asked him what brought on this thought and he answered “I heard the line in a song and bottomless mimosas which actually does have a bottom.”

I laughed and told him to have a good evening and before he walked into his apartment, he said, “Remember dreams last for so long…”

And his partner from the top of the hallway said, “even after you’re gone.”

I rounded the corner with a smile on my face.

The neighbor, who I don’t know and never met until that very moment, could have walked on by me and said nothing, but he chose to say something and it made my day. I’m a dreamer. I day dream about all sorts of things. I dream big. I ask for the galaxy and hope to catch a falling star. I believe in the power of dreams and if that makes me a quack in others eyes, then those eyes are not friends of mine.

Some people have their power and wealth to get by on this earth. Some have only their belief in themselves and their dreams. And somehow, I think the latter accomplish so much more in their lives because they believe in something bigger than they are.

This post is dedicated to all the dreamers. Keep dreaming. Keep staring at the clouds and believing. The Universe is listening and believing in you as you listen and believe in it.

Despite the crashing and dangerous waves, he never stopped fishing on this rock.
Crazy, mad, brave or courageous…I liked that he kept on trying.
Taken in Australia December 2011

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