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01.09.12 – Song of the Day: “Southern Cross”

This song popped up on Pandora while I was listening to the Jimmy Buffett Channel and it completely changed my mood from crummy to good.

This is one of my favorite Buffett covers and one of my favorite songs. I even have the southern cross tattooed on my arm…an ode to my love of astronomy and the spirit of the sky. It’s a permanent reminder to dare to be, to dream, and to live. Sometimes, I forget that even though I just have to look down at my arm. On days I forget, I have music to remind me and sometimes friends too.

So this song is dedicated to the music that can change your mood and to the friends who unknowingly lift your spirits.

Amy, Krissie, Emily Beth, & Christina, thanks for lifting my spirits today.

Jimmy Buffett: website | Twitter | Facebook