Goals of 2012

I don’t normally make my “resolutions” vocal because I often fail in doing them. There’s nothing more than that one friend or family member who will constantly chides you on your failure, epic or not.

Having said that, I struck out the word resolution and made them goals for myself. Goals are sexier than resolutions. Goals seem easier and my dear friend Amy inspired me to write these goals down and post them as she did on her blog. I don’t know if Amy is younger or older than me (I know her birthday, just not what year her awesomeness was born, horrible friend, I know), but age has never meant much to me since I myself don’t act my age, but I have always thought of Amy as my older sister from another mister and I always like to do her proud. Besides, she unknowingly holds me accountable for a lot of stuff in my life. (Seriously, no pressure Amy!)

So here are my goals for 2012
…aka the year of me…
or as my good friend, Cristina, said last night “2012 has crazy written all over it.” (and I couldn’t agree with her more. The energies so far felt from the Universe are amazing)

Goals of 2012
* Finally drop the 20lbs.
I’ve been trying to get rid these pesky pounds since 2009. I know I can do it and all I have to do is get off of my lazy ass and stop making excuses.
Having said the above, I want to commit to a 5 day work out and doing 7 days of yoga (my favorite).
* Pay off my credit card debt
It’s time to make that $6,000 go away PERMANENTLY.
* Write daily here on this blog.
* Write 500 words daily for my writing career.
I have managed to finish 4 novels and have about a dozen in the works, I want to write daily to hone my skills. To be honest, since my mom passed away, I gave this up. Sometimes, writing makes me go into places in my head I’d rather not, but now I know, I’ll survive investigating the dark. I just need to take a flashlight with me.
* Finish writing the following novels:
The Night of the Hunter – this has been in my head for 10+ years and really needs to done or I might go insane
The Sound of Madness – the memoirs of an assassin. Nadia might assassinate me in my sleep if I don’t tell the world her story.
“New Untitled Novel” – inspired by a photograph I took in Australia
* Finish one of the above novels, shine it to perfection, send it off to agents.
I expect to get a several dozen rejection letters but I know I will get ONE letter that believes, and that’s all it takes. One person. One person to start a revolution. One person to open a door. One person to give you a chance.
* Continue to my yearly visits to Key West
This year I have 2 trips planned. It will mark my 4th & 5th visit (Feb & Aug) and it will make my total be 8 times in 10 years. There is something about Key West that makes me just love that place and the magic that slinks through the street of Duvall and the locals.. An adult playground but a place where I can go to regroup myself.
* Travel more
No need to explain this one. Instead of saying, I’ll do it when <insert excuse>, I’m just going to do it.
* Love more, Laugh more, and Live more than I ever have. The time is now.