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My Favorite Albums of 2011

Okay…so it’s 12 days late. Which I think is so apropos! 12…2012..oh never mind, I’m a nerd anyway.

In random order and without a lot of reasoning, because I could go on for days.

  • Matthew Ryan – I Recall Standing As Though Nothing Could Fall
    Matthew could sing the McDonald’s Big Mac song and I’d buy it and tell all my friends to buy it. I haven’t disliked anything he’s released. Fantastic album from Mr. Ryan
    Favorite song: “Hey Kid”

  • Skybombers – Black Carousel
    I discovered this band when they came into the studio for an acoustic performance.  They have 2 albums out and I look forward to hearing where they head. Not too punk. Not too rock. Not too pop. Just right.
    Favorite songs: Tie between “One for Two” and “Love Me Like You Use To Do”

  • Lady GaGa – Born This Way
    Roll your eyes if you want, I really loved this album when it was released. I don’t care who you are, you know her songs, who she is and let’s be honest, girl can sing.
    Favorite songs: Tie between “Scheiße” and “The Edge of Glory”

  • The Kills – Blood Pressures
    I was super stoked when this album came out. This band just has swagger on tape or on stage. Everyone should own this one.
    Favorite song: “Nail in My Coffin”

  • honeyhoney – Billy Jack
    My favorite little duo of music and fun. Banjo, guitars, drums, and more. They are fun to watch live. Fun to listen and a great band. I look forward to what 2012 will bring from them.
    Favorite song: “Let’s Get Wrecked”

  • Grace Askew and the Black Market Goods – Grace Askew and the Black Market Goods
    Discovered this artist on WNCW and immediately bought the album. Grace’s voice is haunting and sad yet oddly optimistic at times.
    Favorite song: “I Remember”

Honorable Mentions
– Burn Halo – Up from the Ashes
     I played this album for about 2 months straight. There is something about James Hart’s voice that I just love.
     Favorite song: “Stuck in a Rut”

– Fort Frances – The Atlas
     David McMillin fronts this band and he’s got a voice that’s soulful, raspy, and a wonderful story teller. This is a full band vs just him. Wonderful album.
     Favorite song: “The Ghosts of California”

EP Honorable Mentions:  These were a 3 song EPs, so to me, it doesn’t qualify as an album
– Econoline Crush – The People Have Spoken Volume 1
3 new songs from one my favorite Canadian bands
– 26 – Aloha EP
This is a reissue of the song “Aloha” with 2 songs from their 2008 release “Births, Deaths, & Marriages”

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