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01.19.12 – Song of the Day: “Uku” by Dengue Fever

I found this song today, on WNCW. Don’t be shocked if I don’t always listen to the stations that I work for. I listen to WNCW in the morning for NPR. It’s the only way I get my news unless I go to CNN. Often on the drive home, I flip between stations and when I want something off the beaten path, I go to WNCW.

When “Uku” started playing I was instantly thrown back to “Govinda” by Kula Shaker (my favorite song by them) and when their lead singer, Chhom Nimoi, started singing in Khmer, I was taken back to my parents house. There was always music playing when I was growing up. Sometimes it was the American radio, sometimes it was music in mom’s native tongue. When I heard, Chhom’s voice, I was reminded of my mom’s music. I never understood anything they said, but there songs that I liked the beat, the music, etc.

There’s something haunting and beautiful about this song & I wanted to share it with everyone.

Dengue Fever

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