Exist Loudly

One of Those Days

Today was “one of those days…”

Nothing crazy happened. No deadline popped up. No last minute requests. No one threw me under the bus. Nothing bad happened. No work stress. No, crap, I forgot to do that reminders once I leave work.


I answered a few dumb emails. Seriously, if people could just take a moment to reflect before they hit send, they’d realize they didn’t need to send the email. This is daily and I’m use to it.

I had a great brainstorming session with my sales manager & morning show. Shared hockey talk & laughs with the boss. Cut my to do list down to a few items and knocked my emails into single digits!!

But today, just got under my skin.

I tweeted “Days like this….make me think that hard drugs aren’t a bad idea & violence. I need Chinese throwing stars & a willing target #IAskedNicely”

I can’t tell you what irritated me. I can’t tell you why I was irritated. It just was and I acknowledged it. Today was a good day, but my feelings toward the day was eh. I shared that with a co-worker and she said she understood, she was having the same day and that when I figured out what was wrong to let her know.

I started thinking that my friend, Holly, might not be crazy when she asked me if I was depressed. Especially now that Australia was over and I was back. She likened it to brides who go into depression after planning for something so long. I’ve been dreaming about Australia for 15+ years and planning it for the last 365 days.

Could I have post-travel depression?? Maybe I do. Maybe I’m just worrying about how to pay things. Maybe I’m just worried on how I’ll survive until Feb 15th? Maybe I’m just worried when I’ll get my finances back on track. I’m hoping that Feb will get me back on track financially. I think then, the irritation will be gone. I spent a lot to make a dream come true. I don’t regret that at all. I don’t regret everything I had to sacrifice and still sacrifice for that dream. Everything was so worth it. I can’t even begin to describe or explain or tell how amazing the trip to Australia was. People ask me, what was my favorite part and was it worth it all. One word. YES. I’d do it all over again today if I could.

I left a piece of my heart and soul in Australia. Another piece of my heart and soul is in Key West. I will currently slave away at my job until I can go back to both.

Listening to the NY Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins game