Exist Loudly

Simple Things

I spent a few hours with my funny 2 year old niece. She always makes me laugh. She says exactly what’s on her mind without thought and I love it. I hope she keeps her quick wit and sharp tongue as she grows. It is part of what makes her amazing.

She’s getting over a stomach virus. She reeks of vomit and it’s encrusted in her hair from where she threw up on herself, but we sat on the couch together just talking, well, she talked, and I listened. We watched the first period of the Caps/Pens game, I gave her a bath to wash the vomit out of her hair.

It reminded me that it’s the simple things in life we should appreciate

Sitting with a 2 yr old covered in vomit, as gross as it sounds, was wonderful. To see her sad face when she told me she lost her Mickey Mouse necklace was heartbreaking. She might as well have lost her parents and sister. When I asked her what she was going to bring back from her cruise to the Bahamas, she answered, “Probably cereal.” When I asked why, she answered, “I like it.”

I adore my family time and we’re busy, but the time I have with them, is precious. I have wonderful family ties, but not a family that ties me down. We enjoy our simple time with each other. We enjoy encouraging each other’s dreams and laughing at our blunders.

Sundays are my simple days…today was simply loving my time with family.

I took this photo of Taylor last week.
This is one of the simple things we should all appreciate.
Sometimes happiness is just a good cookie away.

Written while watching Mythbusters