Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life – January 2012

A New Beginning by 26
Love, love, love this song. It’s one of my favorites by 26. I love the music and the lyrics. It kicked off my song of the day for 2012 and is a perfect song to kick off a new year.

Fresh Green Freedom by Xavier Rudd
This song made me think of Australia before I went there and reminds me of Australia now that I’m back in the States. It is just a great song. Whenever I hear it, I am instantly transported to a beach and I’m in a better mood after listening to it.

Time Will Tell by Bob Marley & The Wailers
I discovered this track by listening to Xavier Rudd’s Pandora radio mix. I just like the lyrics to the song. As the song sings, “time will tell…”

When it Comes My Turn by David Myles
My friend Heather turned me onto this song. When she hears a song and tells me it reminds her of me or something I’d say, I often listen and go, damn, she’s right. She was right with “Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammer and she’s right with this song too. I like to try and be positive and I think I’m successful most of the time but even I sometimes need to be reminded to not be Debbie Downer. This song like “Keep Your Head Up” is my reminder to hold my head up and smile.

Drink in My Hand by Eric Church
Country artists know how to write drankin’ songs (yes, grammatically incorrect…get over it). Sometimes at the end of the day, you just look forward to having a drink in your hand.

Save Water, Drink Beer by Chris Young
Another drankin’ song. I finally got to see Chris Young in concert. I’ve seen him perform in the studio a few times, but never on a stage. This is one of my favorite songs by Chris. Check out “Beer or Gasoline” and “I’m Headed Your Way Jose” too.

Fastest Girl in Town by Miranda Lambert
Chris opened for Miranda and to be honest, I wouldn’t have ever listened to Miranda but my friend Tracy who went through a break up last year played a song for me and I dug it. I would say that Miranda is the girl power of country music. Stand up for yourself, pull yourself up off the floor, and keep walking. Love that. This song is just fun.

Never Gonna Come Back Down by BT
One of my favorite songs by BT. Always puts me in a good mood.

Animal by Ellie Goulding
I heard this song in Old Navy and I was hooked. I really like the lyrics “You have stolen all my senses. There’s a fever in my heart and you are taking my defenses. You are pulling me apart. Forever we’re young and we are dying and we will spilling all our blood. So I will take away my feelings, I will be an animal.”

Beautiful Mess by Grace Askew
I love Grace’s voice. I love this song. I love the lyrics. I love the music.

Run to Paradise by Choirboys
I heard this on a YouTube video and the song just stuck in my head so I had to buy it.

Levels by Avicil
Heard this at a Checkers hockey game. It puts me in a good mood.