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02.06.12 – Song of the Day: “Side by SIde”

I so want this band to bigger than Bieber. They are just fantastic.

When I find a band I adore, I try to get everyone I know turned onto them. I don’t push a lot of bands music but The Constellations are an exception. Yes, they’re just that good.

As Matt wrote, “Listening to them is a true treat, because their choruses get stuck in your head, and lead-singer Elijah’s voice hangs out like on old friend.”  He’s so spot on about all of that and I’m pissed I didn’t write that!!

But this song, I’ve been singing all day so it is the song of the day. I hope it’s on their new album. It’s beautiful, poetically sad, and heart breaking yet strong.

The Constellations: website | Twitter | Facebook