16 Clefs

02.13.12 – Song of the Day: “16 Days”

I have a slight obsession with Ryan Adams.

Cameron Crowe used his song “Come Pick Me Up” in his movie Elizabethtown and I became a fan. I didn’t jump on board Ryan’s New York, New York was the favorite after 911. It’s actually my least favorite. Other Ryan fans probably just gasped in disgust.

Any who…Whiskeytown was Ryan’s band before he went solo and “16 Days” is my favorite Whiskeytown song. I heard it on WNCW on the way home and new instantly it was going to be the song of the day.

How could it not be with lyrics like “…Fifteen of those are nightsCan’t sleep when the bed sheet fightsIt’s way back to your side…the ghost has got me running, away from you…Got sixteen days, got a bottle and a rosary…”