Bitters Be Damned

I was discussing with co-workers today Facebook and Twitter and how everything we do at work or even as humans usually comes under the fire of your followers, friends, or fans.

Yes, I know putting something out into the world wide web will garnish likes/dislikes or negative comments.

But where is the humanity?

I think Jack said it best today in regards to Whitney Houston passing and how some of our listeners were “she sucks,” “she’s a drug addict,” etc.  He said, “Yes, she did have a problem with drugs, but she didn’t deserve to die.”

No one deserves to die.

And you can bring up criminals and people who slaughter millions to me, and I will still stand by the fact, that no one deserves to die. Yes, there are heinous people on the earth who do atrocious things, but who am I to say, they deserve to die. Who are you to say they deserve to die. And yes, you can call me two faced when I say it is a woman’s choice to have a child or not. In my opinion, and I’m allowed to have one even if you don’t like it, is that life does not begin at conception because I know a baby doesn’t even form a heart until around week 5. I learned that when I took child development because I wanted to be a school teacher and I wanted to know at what age do children start learning.

As we sat discussed the comments of people and how we had grown intolerant of the of the intolerance of people, I realized not only had I grown intolerant of the ignorance of people, I have also grown intolerant of the the self righteous, the holier than thous, the negative Nancys, the Debbie downers, the complainers, the naysayers, and so on. Yes, all of those people are allowed their opinions even if I don’t like it, but what I don’t have to do is put up with having it in my life.

And when I realized that, I felt this little beam of light open up inside me.

I want to put positivity out into the Universe. I want to put Universal healing vibes of goodness, creativity, love, and positivity out into the Universe.

I can do so by not responding to the negative, not letting it show up in my social feeds, in my life, or let it get the best of me…and let’s face it, we all have those moments where we do let the bitters get you down.

In those moments, you have to keep your head up.

Today and the rest of my life, I’m keeping my head up by choice.

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