I Want to Watch the Stars Instead

“Living large was once the deal, now I watch the stars instead. They are timeless and predictable unlike most things that I do…” ~Jimmy Buffett
The music of Jimmy Buffett always, always, sets me right. If I’m sad or in a mental dark place, it brings me back to the light. If I have life questions, I often find a lyric that holds a path to an answer. Several weeks ago, as I walked my dog and stared at the stars, I passed 2 girls, in barely there dresses, and a group of friends heading out to party the rest of Friday off. I of course, huffed in disgust, but then I realized I was once like that.
I’m content, as Jimmy sings, to watch the stars instead.
I don’t need to go out every night of the week. I don’t need to be seen or heard. I don’t need to be in the thick of it all. I am content sitting at my favorite bar in the corner next to the video crack machine and have a few cocktails. I am more than content to watch hockey with Holly as we discuss the game and who’s hot or not on the team. I am content to sit and laugh hysterically as Todd, Keith, & Shorty tell ridiculously funny stories about farting, Mad Dog, and talk in British accents about nothing in particular. I am content to sit on my couch with my dog curled up at my feet while I listen to Jimmy Buffett, edit a novel, and drink Jameson spiked apple cider. I am content to drive 3 hours just to see my favorite band and drive home.
I am 36 years old. I am not 26 years old. My priorities at 26 are no where near my priorities are at 36.At 26, I wanted to party until the sun came up. At 36, I want to to watch the sun come up because it’s the dawn of a new day that I get to live.

I still like to have a cocktail or four, party, and have a good time, but I don’t have to do it every night of the week. In fact, in the year 2012, I’ve done less of it that I ever had, and I am okay with that.

Honestly, going to see a band I like or a hockey game is good enough for me or even sitting on my patio with a glass of wine and a good book is good enough for me.The last two days kicked my ass. I was living like I was 26 and I realized that I no longer want to do that.

This good time activist wants to watch the stars instead…