Johnny Cash Redesigned

So my friend Melany and I are going on this Monsters of Rock Cruise this weekend and she asked me to rock out a t-shirt for her. I had rocked out a shirt for her before, but we were intentionally trying to look 80s hair metal glam with fringe shirts. Though I knew she would wear it in pride this weekend, I wanted to rock her out, but keep her looking 2012.

So here is her shirt.

Front & Back…classic Johnny!

I removed the neck, shortened the length, and removed sleeves and added pink ribbons. That was a dig at her because we are far from girly pink.
On the back, the neck has also been removed and I slit the back up and braided them.

And here you can see the braid up close

Melany can rock out and I can stand beside her proudly as her friend!

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