God Gave Me a Brain

This week was my final week to “act a fool” as my Grandmother would say. I’m tired of being a fat ass and though my friends and co-workers reassure me I am not a fat ass, what I see in the mirror is someone I’m not happy with.

So with all the craziness that came with work this week, I decided this week, was my final hurrah before I turn over a new leaf and super glue the bastard down so it doesn’t get blown away.

I’m putting my life through boot camp for the next 28 days.

1-2 daily walk/runs
1-2 daily yoga sessions
1-3 daily Nike Training Guide workouts
NO: Alcohol, meat, caffeine, carbonated drinks

As I listened to the lyrics from my friend’s former band, Superfine, they clicked in my head.
“I need to believe in something now. I’ve got to do it to save myself, that’s why God gave me a brain. I’m tired of being small it takes too much out of me. Im tired and it’s my fault. Gotta do something. I’ve got to do it to save myself that’s why God gave me a brain. Now i’m gonna use it i’m gonna use it.”

My mom always told me, I could do whatever I wanted but I just needed to get off my ass and do it. So in honor of my mom and my friend Rob’s inspiring lyrics…I’m using my brain and getting off my ass and changing my life.

Luckily, I have friends who will hold me accountable. Amy & Cristina, I’m staring at you two through the internet. For those that will not be helping and only hindering my boot camp, I will keep them at arms length to stay strong.

Let’s. Do. This.