Exist Loudly


If you’ve read anything I’ve posted before, you probably are aware of my belief of the Universe and the signs it gives you. I believe if you’re tuned into your surroundings and aware of what’s going outside of your own head, that the Universe gives you signs.

Some are subtle, some are smack dab in front of you, but it’s up to you to read the signs. Some you may not think anything of, like the car that speed through the red light, but because you were changing the radio station or staring at the light waiting for it to turn, the car that could have hit you, missed you. The gut feeling you have when you meet someone that your friends love but makes the hair on the back of your neck stand…and in the end, you were right because that person turned out bad.

Today was a day filled with signs.

I took a stronger notice when my inspiring friend, @Stranger2Friend, tweeted:

I thought, what the hell is Carlyn talking about, but didn’t think anything about it. Then as I scrolled further down in my Twitter feed, I noticed she had tweeted about it previously, so I, being the person I am, wanted to know what the hell Carlyn was talking about. So I read through her tweets and it didn’t make sense to me until I checked out the hashtag which was talking about the TV show Touch.

My boss had told me about this show when the pilot aired and he said, “This show is so up your alley. You will understand it. It is you and how you see the world.” I remember telling him, that I’d watch it on his recommendation, but I never got around to it. Until today. 3.18. Which is, if you’ve seen the pilot episode, very significant in the show.

Now, if you’re not a believer in signs, then you are rolling your eyes as you’re reading this. That’s okay. You’re allowed to believe what you want as I am allowed to believe in what I want.

As I watched the show, I realized I was suppose to see the show on this day. Be it from the commercials that aired during it, the theme of the show, the things that certain characters said, and so on. They were things I needed to hear, see, and feel.

Like Carlyn, I feel that I’m on the right path. Like Touch, she and I were connected for a reason. (We met while she was in town to visit a mutual friend. We went out for drinks and after I left them, I realized, I was meant to meet her because of my planned trip to Australia, a fellow writer, and all around kick ass person.)

I do believe, that we are sent into others lives for a reason and it doesn’t have to be on a personal level. It can be on a strictly non personal level…using social media, texting, emails, etc. One example, I can use from personal experience was that many, many moons ago @DevonMonk, a writer I follow on Twitter tweeted about a song called “New Beginning” by the band 26. I dug the song, bought everything I could from them and followed @26TheBand on Twitter. While I was in Australia, Nick, their wonderful lead singer, helped me, Heather, and Suzanne along the way through Twitter. Would this had been possible, if Devon hadn’t posted anything about the song? No. I hope I can reciprocate Nick’s kindness and suggestions if his band ever comes to the States. I also owe him a few beers as well. I don’t personally know Devon or Nick, but they have touched my life just the same as Carlyn has.

You can call it coincidences if you must, I believe the people I have met in real life, through the internet, or just passing by have been sent into my path for a reason.

It’s up to me to see the reason. It’s up to me to touch their lives as I let them touch mine because they are my lessons for me to learn and teach from.

Read Carlyn’s blog: www.strangerstofriends.com
Listen to 26: www.26theband.com