Day 1 Revelations

     Decaf coffee is no where near as good as regular coffee, but I suffered through a cup because I like coffee.

I should have eaten a bigger breakfast but when that 3 pm, I’m starving and I wanted an almond joy milkshake urge passed, I realized I would be all right.
I ate around 1200 calories. When counting calories and trying to maintain a minimum goal, it’s hard to get the calories you need while getting the carbs and proteins you need as well.
I don’t normally drink sodas so kicking the carbonation is easy. Kicking the caffeine when you have a cup of coffee a day…made me wonder if my headache was from all the lovely pollen floating in the air or from the lack of caffeine.
Getting up at 5 am is still hard for me even with this “do or die” motto I’ve given myself. I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. I realize, I’m going to have to go to bed earlier.
I did work out. I got in 3 short walks with the dog, 1 long walk with the dog, and 2 Nike Training Guide (NTG) workouts done.

Week 1 Weigh In: 153 lbs
     People never believe me when I say that number, but that’s my weight. If it were 153 lbs of muscle, I’m sure I could bench press a semi…but it’s about 30 lbs of blah that needs to go away.
     I am more than embarrassed to put that number out there, but maybe being embarrassed will help me stay motivated.All in all…day 1 was a good day. 1 down, 27 more to go!

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